Born in Offenburg, South-Western Germany, Michael became completely enamoured of music at the age of 4 when the songs of a Beatles record first penetrated his eardrums via headphones, permeated his brain and then touched his musical heart & soul.

Michael VinneHis parents had both been amateur musicians: Michael’s father as a trumpet player, his mother sang in a gospel/pop choir. Records ranging from jazz, classical music, to 70’s rock and pop could have provided a diverse musical diet, but for a long time Michael’s one and only choice were the Beatles. Michael remembers: “My Parents tried to put on other records, the musical “Hair”, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Simon & Garfunkel, Big Band music, Mozart, Tchaikovsky…I wasn’t interested. Annoying for them; I think they must have been really fed up with me. They also tried to coax me into learning an instrument – I wasn’t interested. All I wanted was to listen to music, first the Beatles, then, later, to other stuff.” When Michael, aged 14, was caught out at doing the air guitar several times by his parents, his resistance finally caved in. Somewhat reluctantly, he started off on the acoustic guitar, a hand-me-down from his cousin, a great guitar player and Beatles aficionado. But listening to music was still more his thing than actually playing an instrument.

Then ! BIG Impact no.1:
Whilst spending the holidays with his family on the French Atlantic coast, they all visit a jazz concert together in a big tent on the beach. He is deeply impressed by the music, especially by the bass player; and also by a tourist sitting in, who plays the clarinet very well. Here, there were musicians, playing with other musicians and creating wonderful music – without even knowing each other! This is it; Michael finally changes his mind: at the age of 16, he earnestly wants to learn an instrument. The Bass!

Hannes Gremminger, German composer, guitar & bass player, became his first teacher. With him, Michael explored in depth the basics of playing the bass and of recording. Made aware of the importance of becoming an open-minded musician by playing a lot of different styles, he started playing in a hardcore band with his brother Christian, who was to become his no.1 rhythm-section partner for the future. Apart from this, Michael founded an Indie/Alternative band; he even joined a local wind band as well! Particular objectives: playing own music in bands and creating a personal voice on his instrument.

In 1993, “Das Caro” came to life. The group – a bunch of musicians, mc’s and singers from his hometown, who mixed Funk, HipHop and Rock – toured successfully over Germany. It was a great time for Michael to learn, create and jam. But, besides a lot of good things, the first bad experiences with the music business were also part of the package. Drawn to the diversity of instrumental expression, Michael took up playing in jazz bands and visiting jazz workshops.
He moved 1998 to Karlsruhe and began a degree in German Literature and Journalism. Realizing this to be a mere deviation from his actual goal, – he was still spending more time in rehearsal rooms and on stage than at university – he quit.

Musically, the Karlsruhe years got things rolling for Michael: he recorded with Singer/Songwriters Nico Rebscher and Justin Nova. Also, Michael joined Marc Eisele’s band “Naria”, which lead to the production of a first album in Amsterdam.

2005 – BIG impact no.2:
Michael plays a studio session for Wallis Bird in Mannheim. Right from this very first meeting, they simply clicked and decided to carry on together as a trio with Christian Vinne playing the drums.
He moves his base to Mannheim for the recording of a first full album with Wallis and Christian, and for a lot of touring all over Germany, England and Ireland.

2006 – Things have been going really well for the trio: a record deal with Island Records UK (Universal) has been struck, and they have left Germany to take up residence in London.

2009 – Michael leaves London and moves to another great city: Berlin.
Wallis Bird record deal signing with Columbia Berlin/Sony.
Joining with Drumtrainer Berlin, a school for drummers,  he’s teaching musical styles, studio training and band performance.

2010 On the road with the Goethe Institut in Croatia, playing concerts and performing songwriting-workshops in schools.

2011 – 2014 Touring through Europe with Wallis Bird and Dear Reader.
Third album release with Wallis Bird and Live-Album production with Dear Reader and the Deutsche Film-Orcherster Babelsberg.

End of 2014 Christian and Michael Vinne left the Wallis Bird Band due to artistic differences, to focus on Vinne-Brothers music, which is to be released in the near future. The Yeah! Live Album presents the Live-Art of the Wallis Bird Band from 2007 to 2014.

Michael has worked with Wallis Bird, Get Well Soon, Dear Reader, Julia Marcell, Peter Plate, Alice Merton, Cherilyn MacNeil, Jaimi Faulkner, Chima, Sam Vance-Law, Dominik Vona and others…
played Lowlands, Montreux Jazz, Oxegen, Latitude, Southside, Pukkelpop, T in the Park, Rock en Seine, SXSW, Eurosonic and another 700 Live Shows in USA, Ireland, UK, Germany, Italy, Swiss, Austria, Poland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic.
And appeared on RTE Late Late Show, ZDF Bauhaus, arte Live, SWR New Pop, SAT1 Morgenmagazin, Tape TV, tv noir, ZDF Fernsehgarten.